Great Choices For The Best TTDI Condo For Sale

The final point when looking for a home is the contract. It is very important to have a clear and defined conversation with the home owner right from the start, in order to avoid inconvenient surprises in the future. It is necessary to check deadlines and payments before choosing the house. Many owners of TTDI condo for sale are open to dialogue and it is also a right to make any requests that can be discussed in order to arrive at a good final compromise. The contract is a crucial point and even in this case it is good not to rush the times or get caught up in a rush. If you are really interested in an TTDI apartment and really think you can live there, it is also essential to make every single point clear before signing the contract.

Buying a house now or waiting? Are you thinking of buying a house? Before taking such an important step, you should find out about the condition of the real estate market. In fact, the pandemic has also affected this sector and the consequences in the near future are not yet known perfectly. 

Buy or renovate? Here’s what We choose

A first fact to take into consideration if you want to buy a house is the general recovery of the post-pandemic economic system. This will differ both between states and between economic sectors, with a characteristic patchy spread.

  • By focusing attention on Italy, it is noted that the intentions to purchase real estate remain high despite the difficulties and the uncertain situation. Although the intentions are good, in practice there was a reduction in purchase requests in 2020. The lockdown caused a sharp decline in household spending possibilities, so since March, sales have decreased by 20% compared to 2019.
  • In fact, in some cases it is better to renovate the house rather than buying a new one, thanks to the numerous incentives created ad hoc by the government, such as the Super bonus 110%.

On the other hand, house prices according to the report and according to the perception of the interviewees remain high. The drop in prices is not strong because those who sell do not apply significant discounts and this slows down the real estate market even more. Many people are waiting for a better time when prices are more accessible, in the meantime they invest in brick anyway, opting for the energy efficiency of the building.

Real estate market: forecasts for 2021

If the current trend in sales is not entirely rosy, a recovery is expected in the post-Covid period. According to experts, it might be useful to wait a few months to understand the evolution of the situation.

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