How Should I Start Decorating My Home Again?

So we are back in lockdown in our boring little home consisting of dull-looking elements. The sofa does not scream your vibe. The walls do not seem to brighten you up. And the bedroom looks far from homey. And it looks nothing like the place where you could work from home and still watch Netflix in your Pyjamas. Maybe it’s time to decorate your home again?

I know, I know. We already maxed out our budgets years ago to decorate when we first moved into our first home in Bukit Rahman Putra. But is that really a reason to not decorate your home again? We have the budget, the idea, and everything else in place. But we don’t have the will power to start the overwhelming process of decorating again. 

Believe it or not, it is incredibly normal to feel this way. Redoing everything from scratch and giving yourself a new paint coat seems like an awful lot of work. I moved to my new place six months ago and have not bothered decorating it to my personality until last week. It took me a few too many advice blogs and a netflix documentary to finally make my trip to ikea and buy little things. 

Nevertheless, it was overwhelming. This was not my first time decorating my home and it certainly won’t be my last. There are few things we should keep in mind to help us with the process of decorating our homes again to bring in that new energy back! We are all in desperate need of some refreshment in our life and there is nothing more refreshing than a redecoration. 

Planning A Budget 

One of the first things we all should do is create a budget for our homes. It is necessary to fixate an amount of your salary dedicated to your home every month. This is to ensure functionality, aesthetics, and the vibe of your home. When you have a set budget, you can keep track of how much you spend and how little or small you should buy just for the time being. Having a budget also helps us not go overboard with the number of items we bring in for decorations. It helps us narrow down our searches and make it easier to stay organized. 

Accumulate Over Time

There is no need to decorate all at once. Decorations are one step at a time process. We can always do sudden total makeovers but it never has to be truly sudden. Accumulating stuff over the years helps us change our rooms and family rooms according to the changes we experience in our personality. Your home now is a reflection of your growth and personal development.  

Start With A Statement Item 

What’s missing in your home right now? A big mural? A nice bed frame? A gorgeous kitchen top? Whatever it is, make sure you choose 1-2 statement items for your home and start decorating around these items. When you choose one item as your main, it helps you with the rest of the purchases that go as accessories that compliment the main one. Sometimes the main could even be a splash of colour on your walls. 

Ready to start decorating your Bukit Rahman Putra again? Get some inspiration from furniture catalogues, social media home decorators, influencers and even pinterest! 

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