How To Put On A Condom

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The condom is the only way to be protected from both HIV, STIs, and unplanned pregnancies. As long as you put it on correctly! This explanation for putting on a condom properly and preventing it from tearing. Find the best one at sex shop online Malaysia.

How to put on the condom?

Step 1

The condom should be put on the erect penis. And, always put it on before the penis touches your partner.

Open the package carefully so as not to damage the condom. Be careful not to damage the condom with your fingernails, rings, or any sharp object.

Step 2

Check that the part to be unwound is on the outside. Pinch the end of the condom (the reservoir) to expel the air. Place it at the end of your penis while continuing to pinch the reservoir or the end.

If the penis is not circumcised, push back the skin from the tip of the penis first.

Step 3

Unroll the condom to the base of the erect penis so that the penis is completely covered. The weird feeling you may feel at this point will wear off after using more than one.

Step 4

To facilitate penetration, it is possible to use a non-greasy water-based lubricating gel.

Step 5

After ejaculation, pull out before the penis is soft while holding the rim of the condom.

Step 6

Then remove the condom. Make sure the liquid stays inside, then tie a knot before throwing it in the trash (not in the toilet bowl).

Note: Take the time to exercise in a quiet place, before the “first time”. Only practice will make you an expert. In addition, do not stop your love games to put on a condom. This gesture must become natural until it becomes part of your erotic foreplay.

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