Is investing in a Bukit Jelutong corner house for sale a good idea?

The purchase of the Bukit Jelutong corner house for sale or a Bukit Jelutong condo cannot be seen unseen. If you have approached a real estate agency, the checks on the sale of the property have already been done a priori. If, on the other hand, you intend to buy and sell directly with a private person, then you need to focus on these points:

  • ownership of possession,
  • the presence of any mortgages,
  • the correspondence between the existing floor plan in the land register and the current one,
  • the seller’s profession (in case of bankruptcy of his business, the house could be destined to satisfy the creditors).

Buying a home: mortgage

In parallel with the choice of property, it is necessary to check how much we can borrow to stipulate the mortgage. So you have to get familiar with terms such as period, the interest applied at a rate fixed, variable or mixed, the possibility of tax deduction. In this regard, we can only help check at different banks to understand what type of mortgage is best for our situation. Also a tip, to avoid realizing late that the house costs you too much. The Bank of Italy recommends that the part of the loan does not exceed approximately 30% of the mortgage holders’ income.

Buying a home: expenses to consider

There are several costs and expenses that must be calculated in the decision phase: the purchase of the apartment or villa involves the payment of registration fees, equal to 7% (up to 3% if it is the first home) of the value of the property; mortgage (2%) and cadastral (1%), which become a fixed amount of 168 euros in the case of first homes and which must be added to the house price.

If you have found the ideal apartment in a condominium, you know that there will be condominium expenses that can vary significantly in the case of an elevator, renovation of common areas, such as the main facade, the presence of a concierge, etc.

Buying a home: official documents

The preliminary sale, also known as a compromise, is the contract by which the two parties set the conditions and the original sale price, including any penalties for non-compliance with the agreements. The compromise is a simple private agreement that, for greater security, can also be drawn up by a notary.

The contract of sale, or with the deed, is instead the official deed with which the sale is completed. The presence of the notary who performs various tasks is mandatory: stipulation and transcription of the contract; collect the taxes due for the purchase (if the “first home” you are entitled to reduced rates); requirements of the seller (VAT not due if you are a natural person, which must be paid if it is a real estate agency).

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