The Bukit Jelutong condo investment? The Right Choice

A moulded door looks on moulded doors you cannot see details and joints that a wooden door has in the frames. The finish is better and easier to clean on a solid door. Options such as materials, colours and features are more when choosing a solid door. Noise reduction is significantly better with a solid door with a damping strip than a light door with a standard frame.

You know the soft-close function from kitchen cabinets, where it has been “standard” for many years. You can now also get the same exclusive feeling at your doors. By choosing the doors with Smart Close, you avoid slamming doors and pinched children’s fingers. Go for the Bukit Jelutong condo in this case or maybe opt for a Puteri Puchong condo for sale too.

The points to check when visiting a house are similar to those for an apartment. 

Start to inspect:

  • the ceiling, the walls, the windows
  • exposure, clarity and distribution
  • the fireplace, the heating method, the production of hot water
  • the noise
  • the area, availability and amount of charges.

Also remember to ask the seller to tell you what the type of sanitation in the house is, individual device or connection to the whole sewer. If the house has its own device, ask the seller to tell you what its state of maintenance is. Note that for houses not connected to the sewerage system, the seller will provide a sanitation diagnosis at the time of the sales agreement at the latest.

The seller must now, when visiting the home, present you with the energy performance diagnosis, so that you can consult it. This allows you to know the energy consumption of the home, that is to say the heating budget that you must plan. The energy label which now appears in the advertisements is a component of this diagnosis.

  • If you fell in love with a so-called old house during the first visit (ideal location, transport nearby, pleasant terrain), come back for a second visit with a skilled person to determine with you the work envelope that you will need to ensure that the property is up to your projection.
  • The dates of the last major works are sometimes approximate or everything is original. Repair work can be very expensive.

Do not forget to measure the property and ask for a plan (if there is one) because the obligation to indicate the surface of the property is not mandatory for houses. We can give you an approximate area.

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