Why Your Home Needs A Proper Roof Drainage System

Can you imagine a home without a proper roof drainage system? This system is how we keep your roof from flooding with water and debris that falls onto the roof. Roof drainage systems come with roof gutters and downspouts. The gutter is responsible for taking up all of the water, the tiny branches off the leaves and taking it all the way to the downspout. Many often misperceived the gutters to be a separate system from the roof drainage system, but in reality, the gutters are imperative parts of the drainage system. 

This simple yet effective system is often overlooked and unregulated as we take the functions of the roof drainage system for granted. While it is not our intention, it is not exactly the more attractive part of the room compared to the roof shingles, but it is the most delicate and hardworking part of the roof. A proper pretty home needs a proper drainage system that keeps all the water away from the roof, and tends to the soil without causing erosion in your backyard. 

If you fail to install a proper drainage system, it can have various costly effects. You might end up with an unintentional growth of mildew on top of your roof, trapper liquid in the membrane of the roof layers, water leakages, creating an environment for more and more organisms to live on your roof, failed proper ventilations, and even more costly damages such as total roof deterioration.  The last thing we need is a huge amount of snow on top of our roof and increasing the risk of interior water damage for good. 

Having debris and other twigs and leaves accumulate on top is not only nasty, but it is also hazardous for our health. Not simply because of the mildew and mold growth but also because of the potential fire risk it possesses. If your home is near to a place that is susceptible to wildfires, that last thing we would want is a whole mount of dry debris on top of our roof that only facilitates the fire growth.

So what are some things you can do to ensure that you have a proper roof drainage system in place? 

First of all, get a proper installation. Much like everything else, the beginning is the installation. A proper beginning can prevent a lot of costly repairs in the future. So prioritize having a good contractor install a roof drainage system such that it has proper placement and effectively places gutters and downspouts. 

next, we should consistently clean our gutter channels. Cleaning your gutters is not as difficult as some people make it sound. All you need is a ladder to climb and oversee the state and maybe a trash bag and a couple of gloves and something to scoop the dirt up. So roll up your sleeve and remove all the debris that accumulates in your gutters over the months. When clogs happen in your gutter, your roof pays the damage and you have to live with the consequences. 

Wan Perlis