6 smart ideas for storing food containers in kitchen cabinets

Tupperware airtight container

Storing food in containers is convenient because it is easy to keep the refrigerator tidy, and the stacks of containers on the shelves in the refrigerator take up little space. But at the same time, in kitchen cabinets, the same containers often create visual chaos and take up much more space than they could. Here are some ideas for solving this problem.

Stack in piles

The simplest storage solution for Tupperware airtight container is to stack them. But this is only possible if the products were bought in one batch. Therefore, first, make a revision of the boxes. Collect the ones that can be stacked and set aside the rest for now. Container lids can also be stacked if their shape allows it.

Use baskets to keep things organized

A versatile idea that can be used for closets in living rooms and for storing anything in the kitchen and bathroom – choose the right baskets and drawer boxes and place them there. And then distribute containers in these boxes. Thus, chaos will be avoided, and it will be easier to find what you need. For perfectionists, another life hack is to sign these boxes. 

Insert dividers into drawers

Boxes and dividers may look alike to some, but they are still different things. Typically, a divider looks like a bar that fits into a drawer and divides it into 2 cells. This way you can separate the storage space for containers and separate lids, so as not to create chaos. Dividers are sold in stores, but you can also make them yourself. The easiest option is to cut a piece of the desired size from a cardboard box.

Tupperware airtight container

Separate the covers

If you have different-colored containers and lids from them, respectively, too, it makes sense to separate them to make storage more convenient. There are several options. You can use a dish drainer and put the lids in there. Or purchase a special organizer for your kitchen cabinet (shelves). Examples of separate storage of lids can be seen in the photo in the previous paragraphs. 

Lay containers sideways

If the boxes don’t stack up, side storage may be for you. You can put them in different ways and combine several ideas at once, for example, use the same dividers or boxes inside the drawers. This storage method is not very compact, but it will also help to keep the closets tidy.

Use hanging baskets

Hanging organizer baskets allow you to increase the usable space of kitchen cabinets. They can be attached to the door or to the shelf, as in the examples in the photo. The basket, which is attached to the shelf, will hold small containers, and the organizer on the door can store their lids. 

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