Breast Pumps and Baby Bottle Cleaners in Malaysia

breast pumps and baby bottle cleaners in Malaysia.

Breastfeeding is an integral part of every mother and baby’s life. The action is said to promote bonding between the two and allows them to become acquainted with each other. It takes some time for the mother and the baby to fall into a rhythm, but once they find their groove, everything works out. However, breastfeeding, while considered to be the primary source of a baby’s nutrients, is a painful and difficult process for the mother. From getting the baby to latch on to her nipple to holding a baby at a specific angle in order to complete the feeding, the mother goes through enormous pains to make the whole process of breastfeeding work. Sometimes mothers turn to breast pumps or bottles. As a result of this they require breast pumps and baby bottle cleaners. Mamacliqs makes some of the most reliable breast pumps and baby bottle cleaners in Malaysia.

Breastfeeding is the recommended and accepted form of feeding newborns and babies, but sometimes it is impossible to breastfeed them. It can be due to the babies being born premature or being unable to latch. It may be because the mother is not producing milk or very little milk. In order to combat such situations, people have started to turn to breast pumps and formula feeding. Breast pumps have the ability to work wonders for the mother and the baby. It addresses the latching issues whilst still allowing the baby to receive breast milk. This nutrient rich milk is essential for the babies’ development and while formula is a healthy and generally accepted alternative, breast milk is what most parents prefer to feed their babies. Formula milk, while not as nutritiously rich as breast milk, is still a viable option number 2 for babies. 

Breast Pumps and Baby Bottle Cleaners in Malaysia

Advantages of Breastfeeding a Baby

  1. Control over Timings 
  2. Splitting of Duties 
  3. No supply Issues

How to Keep a Breast Pump Sanitized 

  • Before Each Use
  1. The mother should wash her hands for at least 20 seconds. 
  2. Inspect the equipment before each pump and ensure that there is no mold growing anywhere on the equipment. 
  3. Once ensured, assemble the pump. 
  • After Each Use
  1. Store the milk properly and safely
  2. Cleaning pumping area.
  3. Take apart and inspect the pump kit. 
  4. Rinse pump kit. 
  5. Clean pump kit. 
  • To Hand Wash the Pump
  1. Use a wash basin. 
  2. Add soap and water. 
  3. Scrub 
  4. Rinse
  5. Dry 
  • To Clean Using a Dishwasher 
  1. Disassemble the pumps. 
  2. Place the equipment in the washer. 
  3. Run a normal cleaning cycle. 
  4. Remove it. 
Breast Pumps and Baby Bottle Cleaners in Malaysia

Advantages of Bottle Feeding a Baby

  1. Anyone can feed the baby.
  2. Can be done publicly as well as privately. 
  3. Keeping track of the baby’s intake is easier. 
  4. Supply never gets low.
  5. Mothers do not have to worry about their diets. 
  6. Alleviates lactose intolerance.
  7. The mother’s health does not affect the baby. 
  • How to Sanitize a Baby Bottle 
  1. Properly wash your hands. 
  2. Take apart the bottles.
  3. Rinse under running water. 
  4. Scrub in soapy water. 
  5. Dry on a rack or a clean space. 

It is absolutely imperative to keep feeding equipment sanitized and clean. If the aforementioned processes are not viable options for one, they can always turn to pump and bottle cleaners. 

Breast Pumps and Baby Bottle Cleaners in Malaysia
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