Business Owner And the Halal Food Industry

Halal Food Industry

In simple words, halal means every product production must follow the shariah standard. For example, when slaughtering the animal to sell it to the mass consumers, it must be done by the Muslim person. This process cannot be done by non-muslim because it would be considered not halal. The word of halal not just for food but extend to the beauty products, services, and many more.

In the world of technology is advancing every single minute, many people are trying to keep up with the pace. Not only the consumers but also the business owner, whether they are related directly to the technology or not, everyone is taking advantage of the technology advancing.

Benefits of Halal Food Industry

One of the fields who was in the race was the food industry. Nowadays, they realize how important the market of halal food, so everyone wanted to produce a halal product. Not only that, many non-muslim countries are taking the step by introducing a Muslim-friendly policy to attract more Muslim people visiting their country. Countries like Japan, South Korea, have been practising this policy for a long time.

This move is an eye-opening effort. Many of the business owners know it is best to sell halal food products due to high demands from clients and not wanting to lose their Muslim customers. That is why many are turning their head into the halal food market.

Business like chicken supplier Singapore did not want to let the chance slip. So many are trying hard to promote their products on a different platform which one of the prominent platforms would be social media. It is because advertisement using social media are more effective than traditional advertising.

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