Disturbance On A Child Emotion

Often we think that being parents is easy because we are completely responsible for everything that our children know, learn and feel. We are their first teachers in life, generally. But as they grow up, the occurrence of changes happens and becomes completely different from what we could have imagined. Suddenly, our children become different, and it feels like we do not know them. We obviously do not know how that happened but we would not put the blame on ourselves. But what actually is going on in our children’s heads?

One of the obvious signs you can tell is when they just stopped talking to you. Meanwhile, when they actually do, they sound really rude and defensive. One of the reasons this happened is because you might have said something hurtful and acted harshly to them. As you know, that children are very sensitive, and however you react to them can trigger them very deeply which might change their whole perspectives, especially if you did not try to talk it out with them. You should try explaining why you did that and make sure that they feel their feelings are being validated. 

Secondly, their general behaviors with other people. These other people would be their extended families, friends, colleagues, and anyone who gets close to them. The reason why their general behaviors changed, is because they could not open up and talk to their parents about their unresolved issues. Most of it is because the parents also have unresolved issues and get easily triggered when their children speak or when the children try to defend themselves. In this case, both parents and children should be able to discuss things together and compromise. If not these children are going to grow with so much hatred towards the world and to those children who are not aware of these unresolved issues, they will not understand why they feel certain anger and hatred towards the world.

Last but not least, their lives are miserable. Okay, growing up, we gain many kinds of knowledge, we learn, we observe and we apply that information in our daily routines, as do our children. But you can see that some children have a really hard time managing their time and work. It is because they are too used to being caught up with emotional problems and thoughts that disabled them to function properly. As a result, their life becomes hard to manage.  Click here to read more articles like this.

To conclude, parents play an important role in children’s development. Many children are suffering from not being able to talk and have a mature conversation with their parents. Apart from the parents feeling prideful and having their ego side as parents, children also become defensive because they feel like being attacked all the time. In order for things to work out, both of them should sit and talk, and try to listen to each other comprehensively. In return, hopefully, if things are not fully worked out, both sides could be able to get closure more healthily and positively for growth. Now that I have shared my opinion on them, and if you are thinking to change or customize your interior, don’t forget to get the Hufcor Glasswall Specialist as they have all the quality and trendy glass with professional services as well.

Wan Perlis