How To Make Good Use Of Your Time.

Time is a precious equity that is hard to obtain. While it is a good commodity that you can use to do various activities as well as perfect it, you need to know what you can do to make good use of it. It is obvious that gardening is a great way to spend your time while making your home look good and all but you can take things one step further and ensure you have the best of both worlds. In this article, you’ll find out how to spend your time whilst making money at the same time. You’re going to have fun while making a side income.

1. Build a site for your blog while giving your space your ads.

You can start your blog journey by going to a blog site such as wix or LinkedIn or anything similar to that and create a blog. Get a malaysia web design company to make your site get some traffic by using SEOs. You can start posting any content to start gaining traction and build a loyal audience. Once you’ve done this, you can start to ring up advertisers to give space in your blog for advertisement space. By doing so you’ll be able to gain some income while building your blog. You can also partner with some advertisers and do giveaways to boost exposure.

2. Bake and build an empire.

The pandemic baking craze is something all of us have known about but what we don’t all know about is that because so many people have lost their jobs, many have resorted to selling baked goods to support their family during this pandemic. You can simply use your social media as your base and post what you bake over there. Easily enough, people who are close to you will ask whether you’re selling and you can start your business. You have a mini empire underway. If you need assistance, you can also hire some of your friends if your business grows. If you need any advertising, you can do advertising on Facebook. You can pay around RM90 to boost your advertisement for about 90 days which drastically changes your sales.

3. Start a youtube channel

A journey to gain subscribers and viewers in youtube is a notorious one. Youtube has a way of making people get subscribers and pushing them to people’s recommended list. We’re going to give you the YouTube Algorithm. Easily enough, you need to have a niche to begin with. Anything from a financial channel to a makeup channel. Then, you have to religiously post videos every week at least twice on the same days for just about two years. This is the golden strategy to many youtubers as consistency is what YouTube enjoys. You should monetize your videos as soon as you can to start gaining money. The sooner you monetize the better it will be for your channel. Some people take a longer time while others can do it within 3 videos.
Now that we’ve revealed all our secrets, we’ll tell you to take these literally. Do what you can to make your hobbies your dream job. Be thrifty on how you can make an extra buck or two on your journey and you will be able to pull big bucks soon enough. You can also find out more social marketing services malaysia to reduce time taken to gain traction.

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