Let’s Talk About Sex Education: Sex Toys

When it comes to sex, there are lots of sexual topics to be talked about. Sexuality or sexual education can be an immense topic such as sexual health, relationship and personal skills. This post is talking about the general idea of sex education and to promote the idea of how sex is the part of human nature. As long as the sex are consensual and safe. Sex should be enjoyable. In order to make it enjoyable, sex toys are one of the toys to be implemented in your sex life.


Apparently, dildos have been known since the Ice Age. Yes, at that time dildos were made of stone carvings or animal bones that were shaped like a penis. See, it is in human nature. The past years have teaches us how they themselves are curious and exploring more in sex. Then, sex toys such as penis rings have been present in Japan for at least the last 500 years. In the 19th century, glass dildos in China were filled with warm milk or urine to stimulate ejaculation. This dildo technique mimics pressure. 

Having sex toys is pretty satisfying. If you choose comfortable, sleek, modern design and easy to use. Nevertheless, there are some sexy toys that you can use from the household items in your house. 



Cucumber is always made fun of and used as a joke that it looks like a dildo. Okay, then why don’t you try it? Find the perfect size for your vagina. Feel the ultimate sensation when you put the cucumber into your Miss V. Oh yes, don’t forget to wrap it with a condom, okay! And please you a firm cucumber. Pick it up and use while it is still fresh.


Prepare two piles of pillows and rub the Miss V on them. This will stimulate the clitoris and serve as a stand-in for the couple. This trick was recommended by Rachel Needle, a psychologist and sex therapist in West Palm Beach, Florida. She said this is one of the easiest stimulation that women can get

Want to feel the sensation of a vibrator but are embarrassed to buy it? Or you just want to spice it up. Then,  you can use the bathroom shower. Just use your shower head as a vibrator by pressing on it or directly spraying your clitoris, says Needle.

“Many [shower heads] can be used at various pressures and spray settings, so each individual can experiment with what feels best,” he says.

Hair Clips? Claw Clips

These tiny little things can give an amazing sensation when touched to the tip of your  nipple or your partner too, of course. The trick for sensation is to use the tip in a circular motion. Don’t touch it hard, just be gentle. When the circle gets closer to the center of the nipple, pinch it immediately. This will make the nipple “ro be awake’” and you will feel the blood rushing.

Comb/ Hair Brush

Lie down and let your partner straddle you. Ask your partner to massage your back with a hairbrush. Ask him to gently brush your skin from shoulders to thighs. The feel of the coarse bristles of the hairbrush is guaranteed to give you a thrilling sensation.

Sure, using household items as sex toys is pretty good option. But having vibrators or dildo and other sex toys is good as well since it is the purpose of sex toys. Be careful when adding these fun things into you and your partner sex life as you could be pregnant! LOL!

Wan Perlis