My Ultimate Guide To Selling Your Property in Malaysia

Do you plan to sell your property?

The top search in history is those people who are looking for a guide in buying houses, land, or property in Malaysia. Most of the people search for landlines, numbers that they can contact before looking into a house or place and some search for agencies who can help and these articles and very useful for first-timers.

However, they can be not the only market or people who can read it. Some of the people wish to become an investor and third party or agents that are in search of this thing in Malaysia regardless if this is a Condo unit, House, land or space for parking they want to use to own. That’s why this article is created. This article can help you address some of your concerns on how you can sell your properties.

Do you want to sell your property? Or just a plan. You want to sell your property because you want to move to a different location or you want to migrate? Do you want to sell it because you have a lot of money you can use to afford a big house and lot for your family or having it because you want to have it? Just like that.

Or you want to be an investor and have your buy and sell business? If you are in these kinds of situations, it is a big decision to make, you must be sure and finalized all the things you need. Therefore, here are your guidelines and go-to considerations before selling your property in Malaysia: 

Decide properly

It became a hindrance and source of stress if you change your mind along the way of the process. You must decide properly before getting or talking to a lawyer or property agents and before even asking about what the possible cost of your house and lot condominium unit or land is. You must determine if you are sure about it. If you own a property such as Pantai HillPark, G Residen and Seni mont kiara.

You must talk to your family members and make sure that selling your property is not an issue with them, then if you let go of your property you must deal with your emotions. You will be wasting a lot of time and effort if you back out and or change your mind. Not only your time and effort but your agents and buyers too.

It is not easy to give up the property in Malaysia because some sellers are hesitant too. Some property is near their working area, near supermarkets, near schools, very accessible in all terms like visiting their parent’s house. For some despite knowing they need to give up their property, house or land it scares them because they are not a fan of change and it scares them.

If you are not decided or not sure, then you must give yourself time to think and decide it again as many times as possible. If you need a vacation to clear your mind and think deeply go for it. You can do the listing of the pros and cons of selling your house and lot, condo unit, land, parking space or property before selling it or placing it in the market. Do everything you can do to clear your mind and make a strong decision about selling your property. 

Have enough budget before selling your property

You need to invest so much time and effort in asking the price or some cases it is called selling price. You cannot make an overnight discussion or decision with this matter; don’t pressure yourself in finalizing things overnight and in making a call.

The worth of your property, house and lot, condo unit, parking space or land does just come out in your mind. You are not the one who decides on what or how much the worth of your property. You can always say or set the price, but it is not always final because you must have some considerations to know. In pricing of your property expect that you can experience a lot of revision.

You can first look on the internet or research the value, cost, and worth of your property in Malaysia. But you need to check a lot of factors. The type and size of the property, legal laws that affecting the changes of ownership, and the age of your house or property can be a factor that affects the value, cost or worth of your property.

The law that covers foreign buyers might affect the selling price of your property. It has a huge jump in pricing your house and lot, condo unit, land, parking space or property in Malaysia when it comes to foreign buyers compared to the local buyer it is one of the good conditions if you want to sell your property to a foreign buyer. Just keep in your mind that the asking price or selling price is not the total amount you will be getting, you need to depend on the decision or negotiation that will happen.

Have an effort in asking for legal advice and look for the right agent

Some of the owners, sellers, and investors are tending to forget in looking at these two factors. They are so eager to sell the property without thinking about what might happen. They are so decided in selling the house and lot, condo unit, land, parking space or property that they ask for the help of anyone available to sell it without knowing the options that they can have.

Look for the right agent that can help you to place your property in the market, agents or real estate specialist are trained on doing works such as advertising your property, getting stable your property in the real estate industry, dealing with your buyers and other factors that are related in buying or selling properties.

You can always ask questions to test their familiarity in doing this kind of works or ask how long they are doing this for a living. For you to be sure you are working with the right agent in Malaysia, you can search or visit the BOVAVEA that stands for the Board of Valuers, Appraisers, And Estate Agents. To make sure your chosen agent has a credible background that will help you get the right price amount in selling your house and lot, condo unit, land, parking space or property. 

Marketing and advertising of your property

You are wrong if you think that finalizing the price, having the right agent that help you with the process, and putting your property in Malaysian real estate market is the end of it, you are just at the beginning of this long process journey in selling your house and lot, condo unit, land, parking space or property in Malaysia.

Malaysia is opening different business districts, which attracts a lot of investors from different industries and you must always keep this in your mind that you have a lot of competitors, so you must have a big effort and make it happen. You can seek help from your agent in making sure that your marketing and advertising unique and is up to date.

You need to set a goal that your audience will know or discover that you are selling house and lot, condo unit, land, parking space or property in Malaysia. So, make sure that you do exist in the real estate market. You can use the power of social networking sites or social media to make it possible. You can also post different adds and posters in your land area to make sure you can sell it, but make sure that you know the laws of Malaysia in doing this thing. 

You are a few steps away in achieving your goal despite all these measures. Once you have finalized advertising and marketing strategies, you can now prepare in showing off your property. Make sure that you clear and fix all the things in your property and get the property ready for photoshoot for inside and outside view.

If it is a land make sure that it is clean, and you can show it fully. If it is a condo unit, make sure that you have enough lighting and fixed the unfixed furniture or things inside. You can take photos of your furniture that is on sale and include it. But if the furniture is not for sale best advice is not to include this in photos. 

The last and final step is getting your property for viewing. All buyers must have the privilege to view the property whether it is a house and lot, condo unit, land, parking space or just property in Malaysia before placing their initial deposit. Keep in mind that it is a big factor for them what is the actual view, the vibes, how neat it is or how old is the property is.

You must prepare, and have it cleaned and renovate the areas that need to improve before the viewing. Your responsible to have all factors ready and everything is fixed so you can convince them that you are committed to making them feel home in the property that you are selling. It is a huge factor for this deal that they are satisfied with the viewing of the property.

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