Things you need to know about liver cirrhosis

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What is liver cirrhosis?

Liver cirrhosis is a liver disease that is common among about 400 adults. People in the 45 to 55 age group are more prone to this disease. The cirrhosis gets severe in the late stage. This happens when a healthy tissue gets damaged and substitution happens from liver tissue to scar tissue. The scar tissue that has been replaced will prevent the liver from being healthy. This type of liver disease damages the liver by creating inflammation and cell death. Liver cirrhosis is a critical disease that should be taken seriously as it causes around 26,000 deaths every year in the US country.  

The scar tissue occurs step by step in a process. It starts with causing inflammation, causes cell repair, and then the scar tissue is created after the repairing process. The scar tissue makes one’s health worse by blocking the necessary blood that goes through the liver. As a result, the blockage of the blood causes the nutrients, hormones, and drugs to stop being received by the liver. Since the liver is also responsible for producing the essential proteins for the body, it stops producing them as a result of the scar tissue.       

medicine for liver cirrhosis Malaysia

What causes the disease?

For an obvious reason, alcoholics are more prone to this disease. It is a fact that drinking too much alcohol could damage one’s liver. Liver cirrhosis can particularly affect people who drink alcohol frequently for many years. People who are obese can get affected by the disease. Obesity causes non-alcoholic fatty liver diseases which is the build-up of the triglycerides that eventually leads to liver cirrhosis. Next, people who have viral hepatitis are also affected by liver cirrhosis. Viral hepatitis is the inflammation that occurs in the liver which will happen with swelling in tissue in the liver. Hence, people who have viral hepatitis especially chronic hepatitis are more very much likely to get affected by liver cirrhosis. This disease can also happen for people who use shared needles to inject drugs and people who have unprotected sex. People who have any kind of history of liver disease have to check frequently with a doctor as they are also prone to get liver cirrhosis.

What are the symptoms?

The symptoms of liver cirrhosis vary as per stages. In the very early stages of liver cirrhosis, people might not have any symptoms in their bodies. Even if there are symptoms, they can be very general which could be misdiagnosed at the early stages. 

The early symptoms can be:

  • No desire to eat
  • Being tired and weak
  • Vomit
  • Fever
  • Weight loss

At the late stages, the symptoms will be shown as the liver condition will be getting worse. These symptoms may include having itchy skin, swelling in the legs and feet. Stool being discolored, some people may have confusion, loss of memory and even easily getting bruised and bleeding.    

Liver cirrhosis can be controlled and can be prevented. Medicine for liver cirrhosis in Malaysia will be available at Hans Secrets. 

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